Occasionally I see people out walking while carrying hand weights. Yikes. Really bad idea. In fact, so bad, I have to stop myself from accosting these avid exercisers to insist they go home directly to put the weights down!

Hand weights are a great tool for targeting the muscles of the arm with a bicep curl or a tricep kick-back, but those weights should not hang out at the end of arms when walking.

If you are reading this blog and you carry hand weights when you are walking ask yourself what you hope to gain.

Are you looking for a more challenging cardiovascular workout? If so, you are not going to get it. A marginal increase in cardiovascular workout is far outweighed by the compromised walking form that may lead to injury in the back and shoulders. It’s really hard to maintain good posture when carrying these weights. Your walking form should always reinforce good posture.

Are you looking to get arms that are more toned? Again, that 3 pound weight held in the isometric contraction while you walk is not to going to be nearly as effective as a few bicep curls, tricep kickbacks or pushups done to fatigue.

Now the question still remains how do we get the message out? Do we react in horror when we see weight carrying walkers, do we politely ignore their misadventures, or do we slid up beside them and ask if we can borrow a weight to do a bicep curl?

Suggestions welcome!