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Yoga & Meditation Snacks (Livestream in the zoom room)

“Yoga Snacks” are 30/45-minute targeted practices. (Not all the practices described below are offered on livestream at any given time, but they are all available on the video library.) They will always include intention setting to begin and svasana meditation to finish. Easy to fit in your day, long-lasting afterglow. If you miss the your livestream yoga snack, there will be a library of classes available for you to use at your leisure. All times for livestream posted are ET.

Easy Flow: (Mondays, 9amET) A slow moving practice of traditional and non-traditional sun and/or moon salutations or possibly other creative combinations of poses (asanas) linking movement to breath. Always starting with setting an intention and finishing with short svasana meditation. Sample Easy Flow class on Youtube.

Hatha: (Wednesdays, 9amET) Any yoga class that adds movement to the traditional meditation practice of ancient yoga is really Hatha yoga. In this class we will practice a version that is commonly seen in North America in which we use a flow sequence in the early part of the practice to warm up muscles and lubricate joints, then work toward one or two peak asanas allowing you to explore more deeply where you can take your body in movement. Sample Hatha class on Youtube.

Gentle Hatha: (Fridays, 9amET) A beautiful slow practice similar to the Hatha class described below with warming movement sequences that do not include salutation flows. Sample Gentle Hatha class on Youtube.

Morning Meditation: (Thursdays, 7amET) Special session leading up to the morning of winter solstice. Set yourself up in a comfortable position for 30 minutes of guided meditation. It’s a beautiful reset as we enter wintering mode.

Yoga Basics: (TBA) What are the different types of yoga? Why do we do salutations? How can we make some of the basic poses easier to access? How can we play with some common transitions? What props might make poses more accessible? How and why should we bring self-compassion to the mat? Bring a curious mind to this unique 8-week session. Full 8-week session available in the video library.

Krama HIIT: (TBA) In Sanskrit the idea of progression is krama. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a cardiorespiratory workout alternating high intensity bursts of movement with slower active recovery periods. In this practice we’ll combine the idea of progressions with HIIT. Each practice will include 3-5 HIIT series. Each of these series will make use of a different intensity movement and before each series, we’ll review at least 2-4 progressions of the intensity movement so that you can find your sweet spot of challenge. Choose the progression that helps you achieve peak cardiorespiratory challenge during the HIIT work phases of each series. The concept of krama allows this cardiorespiratory practice to be fun and accessible for people of all fitness levels. Sample Krama HIIT class on Youtube.

Pranayama + Meditation: (TBA) A quiet class that begins with setting an intention, followed by breath exercises, and followed by guided meditation. Finish in silence.




SEPT 18 – OCT 23
(No class Oct 9)

$48.75+ HST



SEPT 20 – OCT 25

$58.50 + HST


SEPT 22 – OCT 27
(No class Oct 6)

$48.75 + HST

(16 classes) 

$136 + HST

Individual Yoga Class
Sept 18 – OCT 27
1 class

$12 + HST

Date of attendance

Morning Meditation
December 7, 14, 21
7-7:30am ET

Early bird price until November 10
$30 + HST

After November 10
$35 + HST

Strength Snacks (in the zoom room)

“Strength Snacks” are 30-minute workouts that maximize the relationship between time and results! We use resistance bands, hand weights, and body weight to build muscle power in your core, upper body, and lower body. The focus is often on the muscles of the posterior chain (back of the body) to build functional strength and to improve posture.


DURATION: 6 WEEKS (16 workouts)
* NO CLASSES Fri Oct 6, Mon Oct 9

$120 + HST

Yoga classes with Lee are wonderful – a beginner feels welcome, learns, and is motivated to keep going. Meanwhile, yoga experts are encouraged and led to even stronger yoga practice. Highly recommended.
Nancy R. Oakville

Lee is the walking coach’s coach. She has created a thorough curriculum that breaks down the walking pattern into four basic progressions, each presented with helpful cues and takeaways. Not only will you be a better walking coach at the end of the eight week course, you will be a stronger walking athlete yourself.
Katie D., Austin, TX

Lee’s coaching makes all the difference for power walkers at all levels. Her proven methods of interval training and hill work, combined with her positive attitude and decades of experience, will prepare you for any race. Her great advice to “trust the training” carried me through a recent marathon.  Above all, her classes are fun, friendly and inclusive. 

Dianne B., Toronto

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Lee’s yoga class is an oasis of calm in a hectic schedule. The gentle, yet challenging, class stretches the body and restores the mind. Lee’s commitment to her teaching is evident as she guides and supports us through poses and breath work. I recommend the class to anyone looking to improve their flexibility, strength, balance and peace of mind!
Yvonne H., Toronto

Lee has the ability to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity that allows you to explore individual growth while also deeply connecting with those around you.
Sisters Sofie & Danika D., Toronto

Lee’s yoga classes are welcoming. She provides options for all levels to ensure your safety and comfort. You will leave feeling relaxed and grounded.
Laurie P., Oakville