Afternoon City Retreat

Unplug. Unwind. Undo.

Autumn Afternoon City Retreat: Moon Salutations & Meditation

Saturday, September 28, 2-4pm

Swansea Town Hall, 95 Lavinia Avenue, Toronto

With the onset of cooler and shorter days, September always feels like a natural time to set personal intentions. Join Lee for a few hours on this afternoon of the first new moon of autumn to explore the powerful combination of hatha yoga physical practice and meditation to enhance your ability to follow through on these intentions. This practice will emphasize a progression approach to moon salutations. While many people are familiar with sun salutations, fewer know the power of moon salutations (chandra namaskar) as a slower movement sequence of asanas that builds just enough internal heat to allow joints to release safely, thus engaging muscles effectively and offering a balanced path to building body strength.  We’ll take our time to move through the elements of chandra namaskar and everyone will leave with a written description so that moon salutations may become a powerful daily home practice. We finish the retreat with a 30-minute guided meditation and some take-home suggestions for personal meditation practice.

$48 + HST before July 30

$55 + HST after July 30

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Lee’s yoga class is an oasis of calm in a hectic schedule. The gentle, yet challenging, class stretches the body and restores the mind. Lee’s commitment to her teaching is evident as she guides and supports us through poses and breath work. I recommend the class to anyone looking to improve their flexibility, strength, balance and peace of mind! Yvonne H., Toronto

Lee has the ability to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity that allows you to explore individual growth while also deeply connecting with those around you. Sisters Sofie & Danika D., Toronto

Lee’s yoga classes are welcoming. She provides options for all levels to ensure your safety and comfort. You will leave feeling relaxed and grounded. Laurie P., Oakville