Get Naturally Sweet

3+3 Naturally Sweet Commitment

January 15 – February 4, 2018 (3 week segment)

February 5 – May 4, 2018 (3 month segment)

Make permanent, realistic change!


Eliminate! All added sugars, white flours, juice and alcohol from your diet from January 15 to February 4.

Moderate! Added sugars to be limited to 6tsp a day. Alcohol, juice and white flour consumption moderation levels to be determined on a personal basis in consultation with Coach Lee. From February 5 to May 4. (Please note: The World Health Organization considers there to be no safe limit for alcohol consumption while recognizing that there are lower risk drinking behaviours.)

Abundance! 60 minutes of walking (or other activity) every day. Intensity recommendations to be discussed.

Join us for this amazing commitment. Every day from January 15 to February 4 receive informational and motivational emails from Coach Lee. Bi-weekly emails from February 5 to May 4. Unlimited online email communication with Coach Lee throughout the commitment, including help to set commitment goals for alcohol, juice and white flour consumption.

This will be a game-changer. 

$55.00 + HST

Has the commitment helped me? Absolutely! I thought the commitment was wonderful with just the right balance of inspiration and information.

Nancy K., Mississauga, ON

I thoroughly, once again, so enjoyed your 21-day commitment! My one great takeaway is to remind myself of “practice” – it’s not all or nothing (abstain, binge, abstain, etc.), but practice day after day until it’s habit.

Julie B., Winnipeg, MB

What a great message about learning being a gift and an entry to a new approach.These messages are very motivational.

Marilyn O., Toronto, ON