Get Naturally Sweet

Commit to Naturally Sweet.

September 9-29, 2019

Embrace a positive and attainable vision of your best self. Join us for a powerful commitment to cleanse both body and brain from sugar after summer holidays! No added sugars, no white flours, no juices, and no alcohol for 3 weeks, September 9-30, 2019. 30 minutes of feel-good activity every day, with suggestions from Coach Lee. 

Receive daily educational and motivational emails. Unlimited email/text communication with Coach Lee during the 3 weeks if you have any questions or simply need a little support

$30.00 +HST  

Has the commitment helped me? Absolutely! I thought the commitment was wonderful with just the right balance of inspiration and information. Nancy K., Mississauga, ON

I thoroughly, once again, so enjoyed your 21-day commitment! My one great takeaway is to remind myself of “practice” – it’s not all or nothing (abstain, binge, abstain, etc.), but practice day after day until it’s habit. Julie B., Winnipeg, MB

What a great message about learning being a gift and an entry to a new approach.These messages are very motivational. Marilyn O., Toronto, ON