This is our gym.

This is our gym.

This is our gym.

This is our gym.

This is our gym.

This is our gym.

This is our gym.


Walking Workouts

Whether you call it aerobic walking, speed walking or power walking (as we do), we know how to make your walk a workout. We pioneered the introduction of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into walking classes almost 20 years ago so that people of all fitness abilities can participate in a high-energy, low-impact, effective workout. Research continues to prove that HIIT workouts maximize your fitness in a time-efficient way. Try one of our classes for no charge to be sure you love it as much as we do! Courses offered all year at a few great walking locations in Toronto. Discover the power of power walking!


Yoga & Strength
Yoga (including breath practice and meditation) and strength training are perfect complements to walking. During 2021, we are excited to offer a variety of yoga and strength livestream classes. Join Coach Lee during this pandemic pivot opportunity to explore body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga Retreats
All retreats for 2021 will be be offered as livestream Deeper Dive Practices. Yoga is a multi-faceted and deep experience of movement, range of motion progression, breath development, and mindful attention. Take a little time to explore the wonders of your body and mind.

Personal Coaching

Online Coaching
Dreams of walking a marathon or half marathon? Live outside the Greater Toronto Area? Try remote coaching. Get walk training plans and helpful feedback on your progress.

Coach Certification
Love sharing your passion for walking? Our program gives you the tools you need to start walk classes in your community.

Individual/Small Group Coaching
If you live in Toronto, Lee has a limited number of times available for personal coaching. This can include aerobic walk coaching, strength and stretch training, yoga, breath, and meditation.

Choosing commitment.

Are we challenged or are we committed? At WoW Power Walking we’ve decided to choose COMMITMENT over challenge.

This is what can be found daily on the Internet, in magazines and advertisements: Take the challenge! Sign up for the 30-day challenge! Change your life with this challenge! Selling fitness and wellness packages as a challenge imbues the experience as one we want to get over, get through…survive.

In 2013 we offered our first “No Sugar Challenge.” Ahead of the curve on this, we challenged ourselves to removing all added sugar from our diet for 21 days. We watched as everyone expressed relief when 21 days were over. They had survived. 

This got us to thinking about how the word commitment is so much more powerful than the word challenge. Yes, there are challenges associated with finding, making, and eating real food without added sugars in our world of food products. If these challenges are met with commitment to sourcing and eating real food, it’s a game changer for life.

Commit to real food. Commit to feeling really good.

Get Naturally Sweet.

Naturally Sweet Commitment
September 18 – October 8, 2021

Visualize commitment. Visualize abundance. Ditch the notion of challenge and deprivation. Embrace a positive and attainable vision of your best self. Join us for a powerful commitment to cleanse both body and brain from sugar and other highly refined foods! No added sugars, no white flours, no juices, and no alcohol for 21 days. 30 minutes of feel-good activity every day and time-restricted eating! Sign up now! 

Buy The Walking Solution

Lee and Michele co-wrote a new book on walking. Check it out at the following retailers!

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Meet Lee Scott, Founder of WoW Power Walking

Lee is well known for her motivational and passionate work. She is often asked to share her love of power walking for fitness and marathons, yoga for balance, and eating for well being. She continues to be invited to speak at marathons and fitness conferences across North America.

Lee Scott, B.A.Sc., M.A.

Lee Scott, B.A.Sc., M.A.


Lee trained to be a mechanical engineer, giving her a methodical and research-based approach to work in the health and fitness industry. A dynamic coach, she has been a certified fitness professional since 1991 and developed the WoW Power Walking® program in 2002, creating the Simple Secrets for a Great Walking Workout DVD-CD in 2006. She is co-author of The Walking Solution: Getting People to Walk for Results (Human Kinetics, 2020). She has coached thousands of walkers for fitness and marathons and she has power walked more than 100 distance events including 33 full marathons. Her personal best walking a full marathon is 4:51:51 achieved at the 2011 Toronto Waterfront Marathon. In 2014, Lee was the overall winner of the women’s division in the two walk-only half marathons events offered in North America. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, Lee was the women’s overall winner at the Toronto Waterfront 10k in the walk division. As a much-loved yoga teacher with 1000+ hours of yoga teacher training, Lee believes yoga is a perfect complement to power walking and began adding it to her programming in 2013.  Her engaging presence and considerable knowledge of the latest research in exercise science and nutrition has made her a popular expert with the media and at conferences. Every day Lee is inspired by her clients who embrace the opportunity to explore their best selves. Get her book, The Walking Solution: Get People Walking for Results, co-authored with former Prevention fitness editor Michele Stanten, available June 2019.

Speaking Engagements

ACSM Virtual 2021 Health & Fitness Summit, April 7-11, 2021: Power Walking Workout Mix & HIIT Krama Yoga

Yoga classes with Lee are wonderful – a beginner feels welcome, learns, and is motivated to keep going. Meanwhile, yoga experts are encouraged and led to even stronger yoga practice. Highly recommended.
Nancy R. Oakville

Lee is the walking coach’s coach. She has created a thorough curriculum that breaks down the walking pattern into four basic progressions, each presented with helpful cues and takeaways. Not only will you be a better walking coach at the end of the eight week course, you will be a stronger walking athlete yourself.
Katie D., Austin, TX

Lee’s coaching makes all the difference for power walkers at all levels. Her proven methods of interval training and hill work, combined with her positive attitude and decades of experience, will prepare you for any race. Her great advice to “trust the training” carried me through a recent marathon.  Above all, her classes are fun, friendly and inclusive. 

Dianne B., Toronto

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