Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At WoW Power Walking we consider walking the most accessible, sustainable, and beautiful of all human movement and we love to share our passion for it with you.

What is power walking?

Power walking does not have a strict definition.  At WoW Power Walking we believe that any walk that gets our heart rate into our target heart rate is a power walk.   Different speeds will do that for different people. In class we like to work according to our Rate of Perceived Exertion on a scale of 1 through 10. Interestingly, research has shown that rate of perceived exertion must be high to achieve improvements in bone mass density and resting metabolic rate. In order to work in this challenging cardio range, we teach a power walking technique that recruits the “power” in the posterior chain of muscles. This technique may approach a race walk style for many walkers but is suitable and accessible to all participants.

Why WoW Power Walking?

Since 2002, WoW Power Walking Founder and Coach, Lee Scott has been designing walk programs that help participants achieve a walking technique that reduces the risk for injury while increasing cardio workout. Thousands of people have trained with her to walk marathons, to walk for fitness, or to lead their own walking groups. Many return for more great work-outs, coaching, motivation, inspiration, and innovative programming. Lee is a believer in life-long learning. Her approach to all programming whether walking, nutrition or yoga is always rooted in recent evidence-based science.

Will I have to wiggle my hips and walk like a duck?

Are you thinking of those amazing race walking athletes? Race walking is an extreme gait not suitable for everyone. We help you find a technique that works for your body anatomy and mechanics, sometimes that means using race walking principles including hip rotation. Most importantly, you feel comfortable and you get a workout.

How does a WoW “class” work?

We offer introductory workshops and continuing walking workout classes. We recommend taking the introductory workshop to be well prepared with a solid foundation in power walking technique. The workshop works perfectly as an introduction and as a refresher for experienced power walkers.  If you get the “bug”, we offer continuing classes all year long. These classes are 60 or 90 minutes long and always feature a variety of walking speed drills. In addition, to keep you challenged, we introduce change to classes throughout the year including strength moves, bootcamp style options, mindful walking exercises, hill training, and more.

We walk outside in all weather, although we have been known to cancel if driving is unsafe or there is a smog/heat alert that makes heavy physical exertion unhealthy. This is about quality of life! Group numbers are kept small allowing everyone to benefit from personalized coaching. No one is left to walk on their own – ever. We accommodate walkers of all speeds through our unique “looping” method.

How do I find a class on the website?

All of our walking classes are listed under the "Walking" button on the top navigation bar of the website. It is possible to purchase individual classes, or to purchase by session. We also offer combo packages. Livestream yoga and strength classes are offered over Zoom and posted under the "Yoga & Strength" button on the top navigation bar. Typically, early bird registration pricing is offered.

I want to get started power walking now, but there are no classes available where I live or at a time that is convenient, what are my options?

We offer personal coaching on walking technique and we will give 2-3 hour workshops for groups of 2 or more wherever and whenever works for you or your group.  Alternatively, we offer remote/online coaching.

How can I register and pay?

Once you have decided which course suits you, click on the Add To Cart button. Your shopping cart will open up in a secure Paypal site. You can check out immediately or continue shopping by clicking on the Continue Shopping button or simply returning to your opened browser at WoW Power Walking.  Paypal is recognized as a leader in secure, online payment. All online registrations must be paid using your Paypal account or credit card. If you prefer to pay by etransfer, cheque or cash, please send us an email.

What about refunds?

WoW Power Walking is a micro business. We try to help you out as much as possible while ensuring that we stay in business to serve you in the future! If you registered for a program and need to cancel before the program has started, we are happy to refund you in full. If the program has started and you have to withdraw for any reason, we can not offer a refund. Please be aware that we try to accommodate any missed classes by allowing you to make up at other classes during the time frame of the session for which you registered. 

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