Get Naturally Sweet

Commit to Naturally Sweet.

September 18 – October 8, 2021

Embrace a positive and attainable vision of your best self. Join us for a powerful 21-day commitment to cleanse both body and brain from added sugar! No added sugars, no white flours, no juices, and no alcohol for three weeks. Thirty minutes of daily exercise and time-restricted eating! Commit to eating all food within an 8-hour or 12-hour period (your choice…12- or 16-hour fast between last meal of the day and breakfast).

(Something to think about: virtually any diet that asks you to exclude one macronutrient will always fail over the long term. So, any diet that excludes fat, protein, carbohydrate, or fibre will not serve your best health. We will be excluding HIGHLY PROCESSED carbohydrates in the form of added sugars, white flours, juices, and alcohol. There is virtually no nutritional value to added sugars and white flours. Moreover, the negative metabolic effect of refined carbohydrates and alcohol have been identified by several international and national health organizations as strong contributing factors to chronic disease.)  

Begin with a Zoom meeting the day before we start, Friday September 17, 5pm ET to get set to enjoy our best commitment! Receive twice-daily educational and motivational emails. If you have questions or simply need a little encouragement, unlimited email/text communication with Coach Lee during the 21 days. 

$21.00 +HST  


Has the commitment helped me? Absolutely! I thought the commitment was wonderful with just the right balance of inspiration and information.
Nancy K., Mississauga, ON

I thoroughly, once again, so enjoyed your 21-day commitment! My one great takeaway is to remind myself of “practice” – it’s not all or nothing (abstain, binge, abstain, etc.), but practice day after day until it’s habit.
Julie B., Winnipeg, MB

What a great message about learning being a gift and an entry to a new approach.These messages are very motivational.
Marilyn O., Toronto, ON