Candlelight Labyrinth Walk

Friday, December 20, 2019

Join us for a meditation walk of the labyrinth on the day before the winter solstice to fully apppreciate the final day of autumn. Lee will offer guidance on how to approach the labyrinth meditation experience. The energy of walking and meditating as a group is profound. Discover how a slow and meditative walk with others through the labyrinth becomes an experience of universal love, energy, and intuition.

WHERE & WHEN: The labyrinth in High Park (north of the Grenadier Park Cafe parking lot), Toronto. 6-7pm

THIS EVENT IS FREE. WE WILL BEGIN PROMPTLY AT 6pm. The finish time is dependent on how fast all of us complete the labyrinth. It will be dark and there will no moon…making it espcially dark and beautiful. Bring a candle!


What Our Clients Are Saying…

I completed the WoW Walk Coach Certification with Lee and highly recommend it. Lee explains every aspect of walking technique, program design, and group dynamics you need in order to offer a successful walking program. She’s a true professional, and inspires you to share her enthusiasm in getting people moving! Michelle M., Illinois

Considering myself a strong power walker I decided to take WoW Power Walking Coach Certification ~ Online.  Lee has elevated my own power walking to a completely new level.  I could hardly believe how much faster I became within only a few weeks.  My technique has improved tremendously.  To my surprise I got interested in races, took part in a 5k event and despite snow had a great time. Lee’s technique break-down into progressions makes it very clear for a new coach how to help others improve their technique; which major aspects to focus on first and which finer modifications to work on later.

Peter P., London

I have trained in the fine art of speed walking with Lee for more than 8 years. I am a runner who was always curious about walking fast. After my heart reminded me that it needed a bit of care, I found Lee. We have walked some 430 hours in the bright sunshine and in the dead of night, through blazing heat, numbing cold, rain, snow and even bits of ice. She has instilled in me the quest for the finish line be it my own 4 miles, or my crazy races with my kids and grandkids! Lee’s smile and stamina are that contagious.

Julio S., Toronto