“Lord, what fools these mortals be” is an understatement. Was it some “spirit” that possessed me to put on faux silver eyelashes for the Midsummer Night’s 15k race? Phew, the glue on those things sting!

Seriously, what a great race the organizers put on for us this year. It turned out to be a beautiful night without the heat we endured last year. A new route that went along Commissioners Road and then out to the lighthouse end of the Leslie Street spit offered a stunning view of the Toronto skyline rising above the marshes and inlet of the outer harbour area. There was a small portion of the route that required some thoughtful navigating as the paved road turned to gravel path but, all in all, the course was a summer delight.

One huge improvement on last year was the addition of food and beer at the finish area. For a small fee and with the proceeds going to the Hospital for Sick Children’s rheumatology department, there was a choice of ribs, steak on a bun, or grilled chicken. Steam Whistle Brewery was also donating the money from beer sales to the hospital.

We can’t really say enough about this race. The organizers have been wholly committed to the walking division from the start. Walking winners had their names on a winner’s trophy alongside those of the runners, there were take-home trophies for top three walkers in both men and women categories, AND each of us received a special “Lord what fools these walkers be” shirt!

WoW Power Walkers were out in full force. There were just under 50 of us and we walked (pun intended!) away with all the hardware! We also had tons of fun. Dare I say that those of us who dressed up had just a smidgen more fun! Our goal, next year is to take home the walking hardware AND the prize for best costumes. We’ll keep you posted on the group eyelash shopping and costume making workshop prior to next year’s race.

Judging by how much the Midsummer Night’s Run has improved from its first to its second year; we predict this race will become a wonderful Toronto institution for the running and walking communities. You can’t beat the venue, the distance, and the fun.

Hope to see everyone there next August.