Some of us walk for cappuccino, others have a more noble purpose in mind.

Seven days ago I walked 10 kilometres for a tiny, delectable morsel of hand-made dark Belgian chocolate and an Illy Cappuccino. Then I walked 10 kilometers home. I know this kind of training pit-stop isn’t exactly race-specific but the good news is that I walked home and didn’t call for special limo pick-up service.

That’s my inspiring story. Here’s another one.

Yesterday, Myra Rodrigues, a WoW Power Walker who is legally blind walked the a half marathon in St.John’s Newfoundland with her guide, another WoW Power Walker, Jess Mills. Myra intends to walk a half marathon in each province and territory in Canada over the next year – the year of her 65th birthday. At the same time she is raising funds for the Braillle Library at the CNIB. Next weekend she is walking in Saint John, New Brunswick. You can find Myra’s schedule of marathons and you can help her achieve her goal of helping the CNIB. Go to her website to get all the details:

Myra has been an inspiration to many of us over the years so while it’s no surprise that she is taking on this impressive challenge, we continue to be in awe of her initiative, her perserverance, and her complete obliviousness to cold! Stay tuned to the blog as we’ll try to update you on her experiences.
One thing we learned from her report on yesterday’s race: there aren’t too many walkers out there on the rock! Myra received a warm welcome, an early start, and a special police escort through the race but she and Jess were the sole walkers on the course. Clearly, we need to spread the WoW walking word to the east coast.