Last night I set three alarms on my personal communication device for three different times: 5:00am, 5:06am, and 5:15am. Somewhere, several years ago, I read that alarm clock snooze times are set by the manufacturers for 9 minutes because that is most “effective”: whatever their definition of “effective” may be. Effective for getting you out of bed without leaving you with a migraine for an entire day? I notice my Blackberry Pearl has an automatic snooze of 5 minutes.

Despite my ramblings on setting morning alarms, I actually enjoy getting out of bed early for a walk. Once I’m outside, I’m happy. It’s just getting from horizontal and under the duvet to vertical and outside the house. It’s the transition that’s tricky. Hence, the complex alarm system.

On Thursday mornings for the next 6 weeks, I am coaching a WoW Walking Strength and Balance class at 6am. That would explain the wake up call at 5am. You have to pity the person who shares my bed and does not have to attend this invigorating class. Fifteen to 20 minutes of wake-up cardio followed by 40 minutes of strength and balance exercises is fun, but it can still be a tough sell before the sun rises.

It certainly is dark at 6am. When we started an inky blue sky was dotted with stars. Within half an hour the sky turned from light blue to pale orange and finished with a brilliant sunrise. You probably know the rest. It was one of those perfect days that recall the glory of summer even though we’re within a week of the autumnal equinox. Those of us out for that Walking Strength and Balance class did not miss one minute of it!

Here’s a suggestion for those of you who hate to miss an important moment: this Sunday at 5:53am, it will be autumn, officially. If you set your alarm for 5 am (and may I recommend several other times shortly after 5am?), you could be out on the road to welcome fall. Perfection.

One final word. Many of you know that WoW Power Walkers believe there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. Tonight my son suggested to me that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad attitude. So have your clothes ready for whatever weather is going to happen on Sunday morning, set your alarms, and get outside to embrace fall with your best attitude.