Have I mentioned that I’m going to walk the Victoria Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Sunday? This race will be a first for me because several members of my immediate family will be walking it as well.

This is beyond huge. The ease of coaching/inspiring a person is inversely and exponentially proportional to how closely related that person is by blood or marriage! According to this inverse exponential relationship, a husband/wife, sister/brother, father/mother is at least 1000 times more difficult to coach than someone ahead of you in the grocery line. A cousin who drops by for the holidays is probably 100 times more difficult than your neighbor two blocks over who you see every second week out walking the dog, but still 100 times easier than your daughter.

I’ll report back in a week and a half how my adventure fares, but I can tell you that my personal time is irrelevant…the success of this race will be judged by seeing my husband, sister, sister-in-law, and father cross that finish line with smiles on their faces!

If you have any coaching tips, I’m all ears.