I’ve just returned from an invigorating evening walking class. In the fall the dark seems colder than in the spring. It as if our bodies can’t tolerate the cold after being warm for so many months.

The cold and dark present a powerful psychological deterrent to walking. My reason for making it out was because I had to coach. It seems there are many of you crazy enough to want to walk in the dark but sane enough to realize that you won’t get outside unless you are paying someone to make you be there!

Of course, it’s always worth it. Tonight the stars felt as if they could just fall from the sky on us. The rich reds and oranges of the autumn leaves caught by the streetlights cast a warm glow. Twenty minutes into our walk and we were warm enough to appreciate it all.

Over the next few weeks glowing Santas and colourful lights will be enticing us out on the streets. It’s always a better view on foot than by car.

Still, walking in the dark can be dangerous. Lights are a good idea. Reflective tape works well, too.

Walking defensively is essential. My personal night walking safety nightmare occurs when see I people walking on the side of the road facing traffic and approaching a corner where a car might make a right run around that corner and directly into them.

Please take care out there. As always suggestions for night safety are appreciated.