Less than 7 days until I walk the Seattle Marathon. Yesterday’s last long training walk was a good omen. The clear sky and crisp temperature on Saturday night meant that all the leaves in Oakville left their branches in one mass exodus. Sixteen kilometres kicking our way through all those new fallen leaves made me feel 10 years old.

I’m looking forward to the race and now that the training is behind me, I am just trying to eat well and rest this week. Sounds easy. In reality there seems to be so much to do to leave the house and office for a few days. Today started out well with a lunch of bean salad and hard boiled eggs. Dinner was a minestrone soup. I’ll feel great on race day if I can keep finding these good carbs for fuelling. Because I need to be well hydrated, especially since the flight to Seattle is 5 hours and 22 minutess, I’ve got a large ginger root on hand to make tea. (Did you know that ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory?)

The temperature in Seattle is hovering in the 5 to 10 degree range until Friday. My washing machine will be humming. Every possible layering item will be cleaned and ready for packing. At the those temperatures, with rain, it will be chilly. Every photo I have seen of the Seattle Marathon shows grey skies. It’s a sure thing that right up until the start I’ll be wondering if I am wearing the right clothes.

To keep with my intention of being well rested, I’ll continue the saga of my pre-race preparations on Thursday.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for sight seeing in Seattle – it’s important to have something to think about during the race!