For two full weeks I have been delinquent in attending to my blogging responsibilities. Also, missing from my weekly routine are invigorating Sunday morning training walks.

Just today, after a weekend of indulgent revelry, I am prepared to state that I have satisfied my inner sloth and I am ready to return to serious walking and to writing about serious walking!

Well…not too serious. As I ease back into blogging and in the interests of entertaining any of you reading this, I’ve posted this pic of some very silly WoW Power Walkers sashaying along the chicest streets in Toronto in support of the Hospital for Sick Children.

Kudos to Darrell, Jeff, Lisa, Patti, and Stacey who donned RED HOT SPEEDOS and walked (well maybe jogged a bit too!) just under 3 kilometres from Hemingway’s Pub in Yorkville and back again, to raise money for gifts for those children who must stay in the hospital over the holiday season. Together they raised over $5,000!

So you see, there’s much more to this than just logging miles: there’s camaraderie and cavorting, fun and fund-raising, and not to forget beer and buff bodies!