Counting down to that resolution. Have you thought of one yet? For many people January 1 marks the date they make a commitment to the vague concept of “exercising more” or “eating better”. I’ve witnessed enough packed January aerobic classes and the inevitable return to normal attendance in February to know that grandiose intentions usually wane quickly. I try to keep my own resolutions simple. Something like “I promise to remove my eye make up every night before I go to bed” or “I’ll make sure my dental floss doesn’t hang over the edge of the garbage container when I’m finished with it” or even “Never finish a bad cup of coffee”. Even with these modest goals, I often return to old habits within a week of New Year’s Eve.

This year I’m considering changing my strategy altogether. Go bold with my intentions. I haven’t worked out the details on the specific resolution but in the spirit of my past practice to keep commitments feasible, I have decided to continue my already proven strategy of signing up for races and cheering for participants in local races for which I have not registered. So, this Sunday you’ll find me cheering participants in the Resolution 5k being held at the Distillery District in Toronto (a good place to get a great cup of coffee!) and walk either the 5k or 10k route laid out by the organizers-extraordinaire of Toronto’s Midsummer Night’s Run who are hosting a Midwinter Run and Walk out of the New Balance store on Bloor Street near High Park at noon. It sounds fun and, here’s a bonus for those of you whose resolution involves being more frugal, this event is free!