Did you know that there is a special club for people who complete a marathon in each of the 50 U.S. States? Well, it’s true and two of our intrepid walkers are on their way to becoming members of the club. Their strait jackets should arrive with their membership cards!

Jay and Jill are walking the Myrtle Beach Marathon in less than two weeks and it will be their 8th marathon since they crossed the finish line in Honolulu in December 2005. They are two more marathons away from being able to apply as a standard member in the 50 States Marathon Club. A standard member has to have completed at least 10. Full members have completed the full 50 in 50 different states.

The couple always have a few marathons on the horizon. It seems to help them avoid post marathon depression because they are always in training for the next one! Or, possibly the experience of the previous 7 marathons has left their brains slightly oxygen deprived. I think I even overhead Jill talking about a marathon on each continent!

Seriously, walking with the two of them should come with a warning that you might overdose on optimism. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

So, if you found that December hiatus from training just a bit too long and are wanting a lifelong walking project, check out the website.


Encouragement for Jay and Jill’s Myrtle Beach event are welcome here!