It has to be mentioned here that Jay and Jill completed their Myrtle Beach Marathons yesterday – the 8th of their 50 states. (You can read a short primer about them in the blog posting of February 4.)

Truly, I believe that numbers never tell the whole story but I have to say that when you know that Jill and Jay completed their first marathon in Honolulu in December of 2005 in a time of 6 hours and 19 minutes and then you learn that yesterday Jill completed Myrtle Beach in 5:15:35 and Jay in 5:26:52, you have to know there is story of determination and perserverance at the heart of it.

Pretty much speechless at this accomplishment, I send out HUGE CONGRATULATIONS. And I hope their achievement inspires a few more of you to continue aiming for great things with your power walking.