Warning: the contents of this blog may surprise the sensibilities of some readers!

Standing at the cash of a local outdoor store yesterday, I surveyed the copious quanties of quirky items serious outdoor types might drool over. You know, the sort of thing that you throw in the direction of the sales clerk at the last minute – lip balm, sew-on Canadian flags, waterproof wallets.

Then may eye caught on something unexpected – a box of brightly coloured plastic objects, each suspiciously resembling an all-weather sex toy. I did a double take. Do campers really pack this sort of thing?

Oops. Get my mind out of the gutter. They are neon, snap-shut containers for a banana!

Yes, it’s true.

Now, I know how sacred the banana is to all endurance athletes but who could imagine that someone would revere it so much as to design and manufacture a banana travel case?

By complete coincidence someone sent me an email this weekend outlining the incredible anti-depression, PMS eliminating, iron boosting, blood pressure reducing, brain power enhancing, not to mention constipation and hangover smashing properties of the not so humble banana.

Really with all the outstanding life force provided by just one banana, I guess it would be more reasonable for me to wonder where the banana travel case has been all my life.

So, what I’d like to know is how many of you knew there was such a thing as a banana travel case? Even better, let us know if you have used one. At $5.99 I’d like to get a reliable product endorsement!