I was on the phone to one of my good friends yesterday, a friend who has recently taken up marathon training, a friend who has now officially joined the ranks of the initiated by experiencing her first long walk blister! Oh, joy!

After some discussion we determined that the source of her problem were socks that were too thick at the sole. Some websites recommend thick socks for shock absorption but it is my theory (please note…this is not followed up with any scientific research!) that the extra cushioning under the foot results in excessive movement with each step. The shock absorption abilities of your shoe should be sufficient. Shock absorbing socks actually allow excessive movement within the shoe that can lead to blisters.

I prefer thin socks and often the double layer thin socks. When I get new shoes, I try the shoes on with a new pair of thin socks and then I buy several pairs of those socks so that I am not changing the type of socks I wear with those shoes.

Also, I will take this blog time to report that since becoming a marathon athlete, I have turned into a bit of a princess about my feet. I regularly condition them with a Bliss Spa product called the Bliss Softening Sock. Pedicures are a must for keeping rough calluses to a minimum as calluses often turn into pressure points over long distances. And, long before my shoes need to be retired, I have donated the socks I bought at the same time to the rag pile and I have purchased another few identical pairs.

And, of course, I never forget to cover my feet in a lubricant (shea butter is my special treat but many people choose Body Glide or Vaseline) when I train for more than 90 minutes.

If anyone else has any foot-loving treatments or tips, be sure to post here!