Word has it that the WoW Power Walkers who went down to New York City last weekend walked at least 2 or 3 full marathons before reaching the start line of the MORE Half on Sunday morning. My guess is that the credit cards got a good workout too!

The MORE Half Marathon is sponsored by a magazine of the same name that “celebrates women over 40”. The race was introduced as a way to send a “yes, you can” message of empowerment to its audience. Historically, women in the over-40 demographic find themselves becoming invisible in society. If race registration numbers are any indication, the message is one that resonates. Participants have doubled in just two years to more than 8,000 participants.

Or, women over 40 (and under 40!) are always looking for a reasonable justification for a weekend of girl friend fun.

I heard tales of interesting hydration strategies, air travel misadventures, late night wanderings, shopping and – yes – walking the race!

As far as the race goes, we hope it won’t become a victim of its own success. With 8,000 women elbowing their way through the course on Sunday, I heard it was challenging to get a good pace going. But that’s just hearsay…if anyone was there, please leave your comments here, so we may all get your perspective.