4o degrees celsius with the humidity!

At about 12:30pm this afternoon I saw someone out running in long black sweatpants and a cotton t-shirt. Now there’s a glutton for punishment. If someone came to class dressed like that on a day like today, we’d send them home.

Seriously, when the triple environmental killer is on – heat, humidity, and smog alerts, it’s a good day to consider some cross training alternatives. In today’s newsletter that went out, I describe the side plank as an excellent strength training exercise. There’s a photo of me in Vera’s garden doing a plank. I’ve posted it here too for your edification. One minute of the side plank on each side may be enough effort for today!

If you do go out walking, go out in the early morning or evening. Wear clothing that keeps you cool. Slow down and take the opportunity to think about your form. Even just concentrating on landing with your front leg straight is good practice and is often easier to do when you are not walking at top speed.

Most of all stay hydrated and watch your electrolyte balance! Don’t just carry water, consider carrying a sport drink or some orange juice.