If you’ve been bitten by the racing bug, you might be surprised to find that you harbour a little adrenalin junkie in your genetic code. You’ll know for sure that you’re addicted to adrenalin when you find it difficult to rest!

Well, I’m here to remind you (and myself!) that change is as good a rest.

In the tapering phase leading up to a marathon, it’s legitimate to take time to beef up your speed work with plyometric moves. These will develop the fast twitch fibres in your leg muscles, adding power to your stride. Another alternative would be to introduce extra stretching to develop range of motion around the joints, specifically the ankle and hip, for improved performance.

After the race, if you get the itch to walk long distances again, don’t scratch! You’re more likely to reduce the possibility of injury and improve performance by walking reduced mileage for a few weeks. Again, additional strength training is a change that’s as good as a rest. Or, try another activity on those long walk days.

Now’s the time to confess your adrenalin junkie sins!