With today’s snow covering up some dangerous ice patches, cross country skiing might be a welcome form of cross training. Seriously, it’s a good exercise to extend the range of motion through the hip joint and if you like using poles, they work better with skiis on your feet. And, your upper body will love the workout.

Of course, nothing beats the convenience of putting on your shoes and going walking – even with a bit of snow. This is the time of year to pull Yaktrax or some other ice gripping device over your shoes. When it’s Yaktrax weather, I like to wear old shoes. Yaktrax mean snow, and snow means salt, and salt kills your shoes. It’s my experience that Yaktrax work best when there is some snow or slush on the road. They can handle bare asphalt for a few hundred feet but after that, my feet and body get tired of walking on them. Also, remember to take Yaktrax OFF before getting to the tile floor in your mudroom – your feet will be facing the ceiling in short order.