As many of us write the prologue on our 2008 race training, it seems like an appropriate time to be reminded of the significance of the shorter walks in the training schedule.

If you are taking classes once (or twice) a week with us, you are working at a high intensity. If you are, in addition, getting out for the long walks on the weekends, you are stressing your body with an endurance workout. These two workouts are different but both challenging.

If by chance, circumstance, or planning, these are the only walks you are completing in your weekly schedule, you are leaving yourself susceptible to injury. Two tough weekly workouts are not enough to be prepared for a race. Each time you come to class or go for that long walk you hit your body with a bruising workout.

The two shorter walks placed in the training schedule should be considered an integral part of the training that helps you shore up your fitness foundation between the intensity and endurance challenges of the other walks.

Let me know if you want some suggestions for keeping short walks interesting and manageable. Or, let us know what you do!